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About Brave Media

We are a Digital Marketing Agency, located in Dublin, Ireland. We are a dynamic and creative agency who provide powerful strategies to help you get the most out of your marketing budget.

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Our experienced team can help you to develop a successful digital marketing strategy for your business. Here are our most popular services.
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Here is a little taste of what our blog has to offer. For all our recent and past posts visit our Digital Marketing Blog.

How To Be an Absolute Boss at Idea Generation

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The hardest part of blogging/content marketing is idea generation. That's why I'm writing this blog post right now. For the Brave blog, I'm off the cuff: there isn't time to do loads of research for ourselves when we're knee-deep in client strategies and proposals. So I was sat at my office computer ten minutes ago wondering what to write about

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The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Blog’s Traffic

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In the digital marketing world, we like to toss about an old chestnut: make good content and they will come. They being your super elusive audience—the brand evangelists, the people who will spread the message of your company. Let’s be real: the vast majority of companies don’t have brand evangelists. The vast majority of blogs don’t even have readers, regardless

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Adventures in Twitter Ads #1: Are Twitter Ads Worth It?

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Recently, Twitter revamped their advertising options and implemented analytics, available to anyone who inputs credit card details. We'd used old Twitter advertising for clients, but we wanted to test-drive the revamp with an experiment of our own. With the revamp, we thought we'd launch a quick experiment to test-drive a small budget on a single Tweet. (Not recommended!) Our caveat

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