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Welcome to the powerhouse that is Brave Media. An award-winning Marketing Agency based in Dublin which helps its customer dominate their industry’s.  From our genius SEO, to advanced Video Production, to squeezing every cent out of your Digital Advertising and PPC budgets to bring maximum return on investment.  We make your making succeed to its full potential.

Our young, vibrant and talented  Social Marketing team and influencers will set your social media on fire targeting the right niches for your business or products while delivering detailed reporting of your growth and reach.

We are a full service agency, expert Media Buyers, with nationwide offline coverage in both print, and direct mail marketing. Our media buying prices blow everyone elses out of the water due to our long-standing relations. We are exceptionally strong in nationwide leaflet distribution with a unique hybrid mix with ensures delivery.

We have worked with over 100 client’s talk to us today to see why we are so sucessful


We have been working on innovative designs or Estate Agents Dublin , check out our one piece mailers.  Leaflet Distribution partner.