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Windows and Doors enjoying a 25% increase in search demand in 2019

Top MONTHLY Search Terms on google from combined 49,000 searchs

windows 3600
front doors 2900
interior doors 2400
composite doors
composite doors dublin
sliding doors 1600
windows and doors
upvc windows
sash windows 1000
french doors 1000
patio doors 880
doors direct 590
triple glazed windows 590
window 590
upvc doors 590
windows store 480
interior doors with glass 480
window repair 390
backdoor 390
replacement windows 320
casement windows 320
double glazed windows 320
sliding patio doors 320
aluminium windows 320
doors for sale 260
upvc front doors 260
double glazed windows price 260
pvc window 260
double glazing 210
wooden door 210

N.B Independent Operators have large Pay Per Click spends, but are weak at present on Organic Rankings effecting cost of sales, for example an extremely healthy long established operator with in turn over in excess €3,000,000 a healthy €400,000 in cash 14% approx liquidity is not holding top organic ranking in the top 5 keywords, but has an extremely strong ppc spend. Top rankings are being held by new operators with decreased budgets, some are very recent startups who are leaner and smarter in the digital advertising space.

Sign’s of large marketing spend using offline advertising by operator with most growth on google trends. Peak season appears to be September and January with a busy March.

Who’s winning for Windows and Doors in Ireland

On average customers will visit 3 different operators before a decision is made, this is based on industry turn over and search ratio being correlate

Final thoughts,

Industry leaders in Windows and Doors being weak on organic google rankings, and failing to re-target their inbound audiences is lowering the bar of entry for the industry which is very cash rich with a lot of activity as a whole this is probably resulting in underbidding on work at unsustainable prices. Clickfraud appears to be 40% on spends on average of €3,000 monthly, failure to implement re-targeting practice is also greatly effecting the close rate of PPC traffic.

A lot of new company’s have emerged in the past 24 month’s in this industry with domain and ip less than 18 months old on average, which appear to be sniping off traffic from 3rd party traffic sources such as social media. After a benchmark of social media traffic in the space of Windows and Doors none of the operators filing accounts in excess of €200,000 are preforming anywhere close to new operators with low filings or no filings at all.

The above clearly demonstrates that the established Windows and Doors industry is not taking advantage of omni marketing and not taking care of a maturing industry as they should. Newly incorporated windows and doors operators are going up against operators with turnovers of tens of million and winning deals over them with customers being none the wiser of who they are dealing with.

Review prepared by Tom Padraig of Brave Media

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