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Has your Google Rank Dropped? Google’s algorithm is highly intelligent and constantly changing, fluctuations on sites rankings happen hourly. From how relevant your site is in your industry, to the back links going to your site, to possible broken links or being hacked, to a manual review by a google agent these can all be reasons for a drop in rank the list goes on and on.

Brave Media is a really smart agency and we actual monitor google’s volatility, we do these by using program’s that monitor 100,000’s of top keywords so we know that if everyone is dropping it means a new google change in its algorithm it keeps us ahead of the curve and turn the google update into an advantage for you as your site is first out the gate giving google what it wants organically.

Below is a screen shot of Google Volatility as you can see google is constantly changing

You need to know what your Agency does

As a business owner buying Marketing Services from a Digital Marketing agency you need to know what your agency does to rank you, whats the strategy you need to ask then you need to go and do research on google if its the right strategy.

At this point of our business we take on new customers weekly, and most who we board infact about 80% have been with their previous agency for a year or so and their previous agency have made some serious serious risks with dodgy backlinks and bad strategy, I suppose because Brave Media is a 500 to 1500 euro per month agency we see a lot more of bad seo practices as we are not taking business on from say big agencies who could be charging 5000 to 20,000 and who’s clients don’t want results right away.

So what can you do if your Ranks have dropped.

I’m not going to scare monger in this article and tell your Google ranks dropping or a Google ban is the end of the road its not its all fixable however when this happens usually here’s the pain

1. Finding an expert who can fix things quickly, like in a 2 week period might mean going through about 3 operators until you find someone who actually knows what they are doing. This process could take. Typically we fix complete google bans in 2 weeks, then start regaining the ranks right away.

2. If your a travel agency, airline, etc 2 weeks of ranks dropping could cost you 100’s of thousands your in big trouble then.

Thats why its always important to know what your agency does to keep you ranked high! Investigate or better get we will do a free site review for your.
No matter where in the world you are based Brave Media can help you use our contact form and a member will help you with any google rank drops.

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