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The Real Benefits of Cloudflare

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So you are wondering what the Benefits of Cloudflare actually are?

Cloudflare is one of the most amazing additions you could possible add to your website, it’s a little bit tricky on installation and an understanding of DNS is vital but this really ads a little barrier of entry for you to be a smarter webmaster than your compeition.

The benefits I talk about today are the benefits to me as a SEO person and how Cloudflare really helps me help my cusotmers websites be better than their competition.

Cloudflare will
Make you faster
Greatly improve the speed of your website, a websites loading time is a key indicator to your google ranking and google ranks faster loading sites better.

Stop ddos attacks
Many people don’t know but your website can be taken down in a matter of seconds by people who supply ddos for hire, basically they send a lot of traffic at key times to crash your site.

Be more secure
Website attacks such as malware attacks installing spam links, or spamming using contact forms will stop when you use Cloudflare as you are behind an advanced firewall.

Your site wont go down
When your site goes down your Cloudflare keeps a cached copy online, so your users can always reach your website even if you are having a technical crisis.

Scraping Protection
Many web directory’s and even big phonebook providers dont know this but cloudflare’s firewall will detect and stop all your contacts being scraped. A members association which could be scrapped in a matter of minutes is now protected.

Sometimes you don’t want hackers to know where you website is hosted, cloudflare hides the real ip address of your website so its impossible for hackers to track down what server farm your website, control panel or email is hosted at.

GDPR loves Cloudflare and its privacy and security advantages. Having an advanced firewall on your website shows the data protection commissioner you have made efforts to have your data super secure.

It’s practically always free!

Cloudflare’s business model is free for one site so it wont cost you a penny, you just need to find someone who knows about hosting and dns to set it up correctly.

Brave Media use Cloudflare as one of the key components in ranking your business website higher than your competitions speak to us today about how we can rank your business better on google.

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