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Sell your digital marketing business to us

Brave Media are seeking to acquire Irish Based Digital Marketing & Seo Providers currently serving customers in the Small Business space. If you have considered switching industry and selling your digital marketing business speak to us for a great buyout price. What type of providers are we looking for? We are looking for providers that…
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Free Google Indexing Service

What is a Free Google Indexing Service? When google’s spiders crawl your website content in order to list you in its search records this process is called “indexing”. Typically if you add a new page or post or even a backlink it can take google up to a week to 2 weeks to notice your…
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Seo in Dublin

Google Rankings and Seo in Dublin are of major importance to certain industry’s not every industry needs strong google rankings but the ones that there is a demand and enough search volume for well those industry’s Google rankings are the life blood of their business. You may battle and battle with Pay Per Click and…
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The Real Benefits of Cloudflare

So you are wondering what the Benefits of Cloudflare actually are? Cloudflare is one of the most amazing additions you could possible add to your website, it’s a little bit tricky on installation and an understanding of DNS is vital but this really ads a little barrier of entry for you to be a smarter…
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Google rank gone down?

Has your Google Rank Dropped? Google’s algorithm is highly intelligent and constantly changing, fluctuations on sites rankings happen hourly. From how relevant your site is in your industry, to the back links going to your site, to possible broken links or being hacked, to a manual review by a google agent these can all be…
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Flooring Ireland Niche

The Volume Keywords for Carpet’s in Ireland laminate flooring 3600 laminate flooring dublin 880 laminate floor wood 390 laminate floor grey 320 wood flooring 3600 carpet 2900 vinyl flooring 1600 flooring 1600 floor files 1600 parquet flooring 1300 laminate 1000 timber flooring 720 grey laminate flooring 320 linoleum flooring 390 hardwood 590 carpet prices 260…
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Google Algorithm Changes 2019

Confirmed Broad Core Update March 12, 2019 Google confirmed that a big algorithm update was released, designed to improve the overall results. Significant Core Quality Update October 31, 2018 Many websites affected by the August update saw further drops after this date. This is probably an update having to do with expertise, authority, and trust,…
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Windows & Doors Niche

Top MONTHLY Search Terms on google from combined 49,000 searchs windows 3600 front doors 2900 interior doors 2400 composite doorsdoors composite doors dublin 24001900390 sliding doors 1600 windows and doorsupvc windows 13001300 sash windows 1000 french doors 1000 patio doors 880 doors direct 590 triple glazed windows 590 window 590 upvc doors 590 windows store…
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.irish domains and seo?

.irish domains how do they work with SEO? well lets breakdown what a .irish domain is classified as, its known as a gtld (generic top level domain), for reference a .ie is known as a cctld (country top level domain, and the likes of a .com would be a (top level domain) The real question…
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