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Dentist SEO

dentist seo

Dentist SEO is big business. Dentists duke it out in the digital space for top rankings for high margin treatments.

Treatments like Implants, Veneers, Bridges and Clear Braces are high margin treatments.

Everyone wants the perfect smile and its big business with an estimated 30,000 searches a

month according to our keyword research.

Dentist’s and expert orthodontics are contacting SEO Agencys such as ourselves to boost their

online customer attrition.

Brave Media is very results focused and we cut all the floss away from digital marketing and drill down to

keyword research and how much traffic we can deliver and when it is delivered will it convert.

It’s all about return on investment for dentists which should be seen in the initial months with a new

SEO agency.

We currently have SEO packages for Dental customers from €300 per month which will rank them in the

top 3 keywords for niches that will really deliver.

Contact us today.

Twitter Seo Advice

twitter seo

Twitter and Seo directly effect one another. If you are getting retweets or likes on Twitter it will directly effect your SEO. So work hard on your twitter following to get people to retweet your tweets and also like them.

Remember you need to network with your audience in order for people to engage with your posts.

Ways to network with your audience.

  • Attending local social events via eventbrite
  • retweet and comment on their posts
  • Add followers in your industry
  • Add followers back who follow you
  • Add your contact list from your email to twitter
  • Add your contact list to twitter from your mobile phone

These are all great ways for your twitter seo to improve.

Leaflet Distribution Dublin who’s the best provider?

leaflet distribution dublin

Every year Brave Media do a number of large leaflet distribution campaigns. We have done so for the past decade. So today we will look at a number of leading leaflet distribution company’s and our experience with them.

Dublin has in the region of 500,000 homes and sending leaflets to these homes with a compelling offer can be highly effective for some of our clients. Not to mention if they have an annual event.

The company’s we will look at today will be City Marketing, Leaflet Experts and Leaflet Delivery .ie


Our decision is based on the quality of their GPS reporting , the response rate of the campaign and the speed our campaign was completed. We have used another company which we wont mention in the past and due to limited response rates we decided a move between the 3 above.

City Marketing had very impressive GPS reports for their leaflet distribution


The winner is

City Marketing is the overall winner, amazing response and the GPS reports are really compelling to the point you can see each of the delivery agents on peoples door steps. Technology s getting scarey.

We would highly recommend City Marketing for leaflet delivery campaigns and leaflet distribution in Dublin.


WordPress Themes

wordpress themes

WordPress themes from all the main theme websites are being sold for 4 bucks online.  The Russian website selling these “nulled” virus free versions goes by the name of WPNULL.ORG.  The choice of themes is rather vast and its believed the developers of the themes do not get any royalty for their hard work.

The site seems to be very professionally run so its gaining in both reputation and in the size of its consumers.   Their consumer from a simple search using some google dorks, seem to be web developers selling the themes on.

So when its cheap I guess people buy. Not so ethical.  The WPNULL offers the latest themes from y Themeforest, Codecanyon, Elegant Themes, Themify, YITH, MyThemeShop for bonus points which will cost you 4 dollars by paypal.


Scheduling Gmail Emails

Scheduling Gmail Emails
Scheduling when Gmail sends an Email

It’s the digital age and people work a lot later than the use to.
Your email service is open 24 hours and some times our creative minds
or eager sales mentality has us sending mails late at night.

However this can upset our corporate counterparts. In this always
turned on society you don’t want to be waking up a prospect at 1 am with your
sales offer or your boss with the latest idea going to their iphone.
These older types might also tend to think your nuts being up at 2am sending mails.
So to avoid all this we found a gmail extension called “boomerang”.

The Solution is Boomerang for Gmail

So to stop us millennials driving the old corporate management mad, Scheduling your mails
in gmail can be the answer and a pretty organised way to do things.
Hell you can even impress them and set the mails to send at 6am, the early bird catches the worm and all that.

So Boomerang is an addon for email Scheduling it can be the answer to your problem.
It’s a simply install into gmail then you get a big shiney “Send Later” button and get to choose the time the email sends at.

Easy or what? Check out a link to the Boomerang extension below.
I recently was looking for a way to do this in Gmail.


Link to Boomerang for Gmail

Since finding Boomerang it has left me wondering what other extensions am I missing out on which could make me a lot more productive.

This blog article was brought to you by Brave Media. Leading Seo Agency in Dublin Ireland.

Website Speed and Seo

website speed and seo

Website Speed and Seo. It was on the way; it has been announced several times without subtlety. The speed of your website is important to your ranking in Google. Google counts the loading time of your website as a factor for your rank.
This raises questions: How fast is my website? How do I measure the speed of my site? How important is this step? And how can I make my site faster?

How can I see the loading time of your site? Many webmasters wonder how the speed of the location to be measured. That in itself is simple: there are numerous tools available. But the question is how it is proportionate to other websites.

Many webmasters wonder how the speed of the site can be measured. That in itself is simple: there are numerous tools available. But the question is how it is proportionate to other websites. In this case, the Google Search Console can help. This tool also shows the “difference” with other websites. In my case, a site is 96% faster than others. In speed, it’s doing very well. However, these are just estimates with not a high-reliability rate; these are good estimates compared to other sites, though.

Where can I find this report?

Very easily. Sign up your site to the Google Search Console tool by clicking add property in the top right. Then your information is displayed, your speed along with it.

How can I speed up my site?

Of course: Do not use too many scripts, reduce pictures. The beauty of Google Search Console is that it gives practical advice. These are in the report from Google Search Console. So in reality, Google tells you how you can make your site even faster if you didn’t know how to yourself.

The loading time has always been important

For your site, it was always important to ensure speed. Limiting your loading speeds demolishes the usability for your visitors. If you want to get the most out of your visitors, this change won’t take a second’s thought

In fact, Google adjusts their services and search engines from the user point of view. Google tries to imagine what factors are valuable for the visitors. So adding load time as a factor is the logical step.

Don’t overestimate the load time as a factor

Google is continuously improving the search engine. A few months ago it became known that factors such as relevance, reputation and focus on a theme are given more weight than previously. These factors continue to outweigh the speed of your site. The loading time rule will only have limited impact.

Don’t fixate on loading speeds.

A standard response is that everyone will be dazzled by a new factor. As a Google guru, Matt Cutts says on his blog: It is one of more than 200 factors to determine your position in the search engine. Being fixated on loading speeds is overkill.

Want help speeding up your website ? Contact Brave Media today, 01 636 3188

More organic traffic from Bing

organic traffic bing

21% of organic traffic comes from Bing

We recently engaged with a client who exhausted Google Adwords. Spending thousands of euro monthly.  This customer had two brands in play.  They constantly fought on adwords for the “top bids” for both. They asked Brave Media in to examine what other areas in the digital space they could grow their traffic.

On this occasion we noticed that both them and their competitors had focused 100% on Google and not spent any time on their organic rankings on Bing. Bing is now taking at least 21% of all internet Searches. Even more exciting was the fact no one in their industry had pay per click campaigns running on Bing.

So right away we could identify 21% more traffic for their business if we optimized their website and got them ranked in leading spaces on Bing.  Its amazing to think 21% of this organic traffic was being ignored by their entire industry.  Every new Windows 10 laptop that ships loads the user directly into Bing Search so their market share is growing and growing.

End result well see for yourself, we now rank their 2 brands and our own to Bing for their keyword “Leaflet Distribution”.   Both their brands All Homes and Premium hold the very top spots giving them the first shot at that 33% extra traffic from Bing.

The Company Director Trevor Carthy commented “this increase in website traffic has correlated directly with sales”

A lot of industry’s are not investing time getting a strong organic ranking on Bing Search. This is vital as the amount of traffic that is coming from this engine to websites is growing quickly. Between Bing and Yahoo they already represent one third of all searchs. Ranking your website with Bing is a whole different art. You can come to Brave Media for help we are great with Bing! Or why not check out Bing Web Master tools its a great place to start to educate yourself.

What are negative keywords?

negative keywords
Negative keywords are used in google adwords for example.

They allow you to filter searches from terms you don’t
want to pay for traffic from. Why would you not want traffic? Because
they are not suitable to your business. Or people you don’t want
to do business because of their say location.

Lets look at some examples, lets say you are an insurance company
using Google Adwords. You know from keyword planner 9000 people
a month search for “car insurance” on google.

But your insurance company does not sell car insurance to people under
21 years of age.

Searchs included in the 9000 searchs for “car insurance” on google
keyword planner have 2000 of these as searchs for people searching
for “car insurance under 21 years of age”

If these 2000 people click your add or any of them for that matter
its a complete waste of money because you can’t do business with them.

So “under 21” would be a great negative keyword for your campaign.

SEO Tips for the travel industry

seo tips

SEO tips for the travel industry? This year there was plenty of talk about the Travel Conference in Dublin! So here’s a top 10 list of SEO developments to apply in the eTravel industry, by Tom O’Connor. So if you want better organic search results, then make sure to follow these 10 SEO Tips!
Top 10 SEO tips for the travel industry:
1. Improving find-ability on long tail keywords
Tour operators should be more responsive to the retrieval of long tail keywords and not just focus on the retrieval of generic keywords. What particularly stands out SEO in the travel industry is that all the major tour operators are visible to generic words, but organizations often can not be found on long tail keywords. For example; travel companies are however found on keywords like “Camping Italy” but to a lesser extent on “Child-friendly campsite in northern Italy.” This while many searches using long tail keywords by consumers and this often further (than generic search terms) are in the customer lifecycle and therefore are more likely to convert. There are many opportunities for the travel industry to be here for further developments and more visible and thus get more quality visitors to the websites.
2. Applying SEO model
The SEO model consists of four parts:
1. Popularity 2. THIS 3. Content 4. Technology
In many organizations are always forgotten or beaten one of the
Grammarly Grammarly Report generated on Fri, 30 Sep 2016 22:46 Page 3 of 5 components that can adversely affect the ultimate success of SEO. Organizations that want to succeed in SEO would have to comply with all parts in carrying out their SEO strategy.

3rd SEOmajestic
It has recently been demonstrated by SEOmajestic that link building still works (read: Google values it!) but that it should be used qualitatively and relevance is the key factor. The last Penguin update is implemented extra attention here well. Web sites with paid links and have little relevance and content have hugely fallen back in the search results.
Tip: see on SEOmajestic also Searchmetrics report here an overview of the visibility of the pages and search volume.

4. Anchor Text Optimization
Anchor Text can now be handled better than before (not specific keyword), but Google does not set clear criteria yet. What we do know is that links in the text give much more value than outside the text.

5. Do not buy links but they deserve
Watch out buying links! Google provides examples from companies which do not comply with the rules; an example is an international floral business that has scores of clean links purchased on advertorial basis. Google has given a penalty here making the site no longer visible in Google. Read more about this penalty http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240178518/Googlepenalises-Interflora-and-UK-newspapers-for-failing-to-comply-withSEO-regulations. By offering unique and interesting content, you automatically get more links, see Section 10.

6. Use Infographics for link baiting
Grammarly Grammarly Report generated on Fri, 30 Sep 2016 22:46 Page 4 of 5
An infographic is a graphical representation of statistics. People love lists and statistics; the travel industry could capitalize on by incorporating fun and interesting information about the travel industry in an infographic, this would pose no doubt left. Infographics are superb for link baiting in the eTravel market. See an example of a travel infographic from Google AdWords. http://www.mondomarketing.nl/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/PPC-forTravel.jpg

7. Note the value of content
See the real value of the visitor rather than SEO> new content sites is crucial to Google and the growth of the organization authority.

8. Responding to Google Travel
Google has the technology already in the house, for example, Google Flights. These developments allow even more to see added value in unique content, service, and identity play even bigger roles in the future.

9. The success of Google Plus
Google labels its own Google Plus as successful because of the many circle’s people created. Based on this information, Google has been able to make intelligent changes in its algorithms, which is their ultimate goal. Although that Google Plus is not as hot as Facebook, has already achieved one of its primary internal goals.

10. Being creative for link baiting
Be creative and create added value! Again, the pronunciation content = true king!
Grammarly Grammarly Report generated on Fri, 30 Sep 2016 22:46 Page 5 of 5
Some examples:

1. Build a Widget with Incoming Links by using an external customer review provider on your websites.
2. Traveler bases holiday choice more and more video content Make a video sitemap for better visibility; videos are increasingly being indexed in search results.
3. User generated content Make sure visitors are going to write about their travel experiences on the website.
4. Shareable Content Make sure to provide interesting and unique information do people love to share with their friends.

Innovative Link Building Method

link building method

This post is part of our new Category called “Golden Nuggets”. Here we will give you SEO tips and tricks. Some Bravemedia magic for you to take home and use on your sites.

Today we look at a brand new link building method for 2016. Fundraising Websites where running a charity event or fund raising the likes of a fun run can earn you more than just good karma. It also can get you a really high authority backlink to your money site.

An example of an Irish Fundraising website which gives you a do follow link on your event page is IFundraise.ie  when last checked the authority of the back link can be between 22 to 28 on Moz!

Fundraising websites are free to join. They allow you to setup pages automatically.  There is also a ton of them!

If you run an event such as for fun runs or race days why not set one up. You also get to place a backlink on the fundraising site for your website.

These links can be extremely high authority with really good trust flow.  Obviously don’t go abusing charity fundraising websites, but work a fundraising event into  your marketing strategy. Raise money for a good cause and help your website in the process! Happy Hunting.



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