Before spam was illegal, the email got itself a bad rep: phishing emails, privacy and permission based marketing, spam and more spam. It was a natural process: acquire a database, write up a ridiculously over-the-top self-promo message, and blast the email to thousands and thousands of recipients. Try that now and you’ll find yourself in serious trouble.

But do you want to know a secret?

Many companies view email marketing as a better return on investment than content marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, display advertising, and PPC. Email marketing works—it’s that simple.

At its core, email marketing is still a straightforward process. You capture leads from your website, then you compose an email and send it to those leads.

That’s it—of course, any good digital marketer knows there’s more to it than just composing up any old spiel and sending it into the ether.

How do we carry out an Email Marketing Campaign?

1. Plan!

Strategise. When it comes to email marketing, we become marketing strategists—we have to, to get your email opened. Sharply defined goals are an absolute must. Once you have a goal, you can build backwards from your call-to-action.

2. Test!

You know the way we mentioned spam up above? That’s one of the big points in testing the email. Once we’ve written it—a newsletter or an ad or whatever guise it takes—we test it to ensure it reads well and also passes through spam filters. Any email sent to a large database leads to spam filter issues, so it’s crucial to test email compatibility. We also test it cross-platform.

3. Analyse!

What’s the point in a campaign if it doesn’t do anything for your company? The call-to-action for every campaign is different, and we’ll analyse the campaign in real-time, with all kinds of graphs and charts if required, to evaluate how successful it was.

Our Personalised Email Marketing Campaigns Include:

  • Email Frequency Research
  • Email Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Creation Of Fully Optimised Email Template
  • Implement Email Personalisation
  • Targeted Email Content Creation
  • Complete Analysis Of Email Campaign
  • On-going Campaign Adjustments

We’ll turn leads into sales with our powerful email marketing campaigns. Don’t believe us? Get in touch and we’ll show you exactly what the power of email can do!