Video Marketing and Motion Graphics

Video Marketing is perfect for online visibility. Our motion graphics, custom or off-the-shelf, are an opportunity for your brand to raise your profile and inform leads about what you do in an entertaining and engaging way.

Digital Ireland from BraveMedia on Vimeo.

Digital Marketing – Motion Graphic from BraveMedia on Vimeo.

As well as creating awesome motion graphics, we have teamed up with PlanetVidd to offer our clients high quality and affordable corporate videos. Our Video Marketing services include Video Blogging (Vlogging), Corporate Videos, Product Videos, Service Explanations and How-to Guides. Typically, websites with a video on their landing page averages 63% more leads. That’s a stat you can’t afford to ignore.

For a peek at our personal Brave Media vlogs check out:

Okay, so you might be tempted to break out your iPhone, perch it on a table and hope for the best, but we’d advise you against that. Professional, often, is best. So why should you incorporate video?

High-quality video production builds trust with customers.

Trust is huge in today’s online world. Potential clients need to know that they can trust your business. A corporate video portrays a sense of trustworthiness, but it also adds a face to a brand. Testimonials can be dodgy—did whoever really say that? Get it on record, on video, and the proof is right there. Plus, a video is often much more engaging.

Videos help you become go-to experts in your field. If you can answer the relevant questions people have, then you have the leeway to become an industry expert. As an expert, people will associate your brand with high-quality work.

Videos are the next best thing to having content on your site, and search engines are starting to take into account the popularity of your video when ranking your site. This is why you and your business should start a video production project today and increase your visibility online.

If you are considering implementing a video marketing strategy and would like to get in touch, then fill in the contact form below. Visit our Services page for a full list of what we can do for you!