Making sure your website is running properly and is SEO-optimised is the single most important thing you can do to drive traffic to your website and generate leads.

A website audit is where you—or we, as the case may be—go through your entire website, page-by-page, and spot any duplicate or non-SEO optimised content, remove broken links, remove bad links, and make sure your site is a straight-up pleasant experience for your visitors.

So what’s involved?

Website Audit Stages

Essentially, we’ll go through three stages of examining your website.



Simplistic as the steps seem, it’s quite an in-depth process. As well as optimising for SEO, we also delve deep into all your tags, titles, meta descriptions, etc., and have a proper root round the site in terms of graphics, UX, and how the website actually works! If you ask us nicely, we’ll also go seriously in-depth into keyword planning and provide a list of exactly what and how you should be implementing them.

Once your website audit is finished, we’ll present you with a detailed list of things you could do to spruce up your site—but we’ll also let you know the best ways to fix any problems we find. We’re not the kind of agency who’ll point out faults and then only help you with the incentive of more payment!

If you’d like a website audit, drop us a mail at   or give us a call! We’re also available to answer any queries online, on Twitter, Facebook, orGoogle+ if that’s more your style. Visit our Services page for a full list of what we can do for you!