Ireland's Award Winning

Lead Generation Company

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Seo (Search)

Brave Media has won multiple awards to date for our innovative work for SME's and Big Brands on their Organic Google Ranking

The most valuable traffic is organic search traffic as its reactive selling, i.e customers coming to you with a need.

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Pay Per Click 

Google Pay Per Click campaign's when understood offer so much more. Google's PPC algorithm is exceptionally complex but when ran correctly you can increase ROI by 200%

We also firewall your campaigns with click cease stopping all fraud clicks, we get refunds monthly from rouge clicks 

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Direct Marketing

Brave Media have a unique skillset with both Irish and UK B2B Marketing with exceptionally return on investment.


We comply with both ePrivacy and GDPR guidelines when recommending campaigns and strategy to grow your B2B activity. 

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Facebook Leads

2020 saw Facebook lift the lid on a lot of the restrictions it went through in prior years, and facebook leads are now preforming exceptionally well.

Using very advanced targeting we use different parts of the business suite to target your ideal audience for example "people who visited" a local compeditor.

Lockdown Winners a 2021 update

Digital Marketing agencys like Brave Media are use to predicting what's going to happen from Google and Social Networks flying kites and giving us signals in major changes in their algorithms.

In 2020 a new term emerged with no warning "a lockdown proof business" and resulted in huge growth for some industry's and three fold growth for major retailers already doing strong revenues through ecommerce.

After all the dust settled and we got use to trading online it has been a fascinating data intelligence journey and brought massive monetary rewards for some customers as we squeezed every last marketing channel to drive traffic in this new gold rush.


Growth in print first emerged then home improvements, electronics online retailers got 3 or 4 times the traffic they use to, food shopping exploded, clothes and sports ware big ticket house upgrades like  beds  and front doors dublin then people wanting new bathrooms fitted, patios, garden structures, 60,000euro attic conversions for home offices. 

The team and great minds at brave media are well prepared for 2021 with daily huddle seasons on data insights and areas of growth for different industry's we are ready to bring industry's hyper growth online and what was a scary time has turned into a real exciting opportunity and is allowing us help Irish Business displace bigger competitors and grow to levels they have never seen in the past with new sales channels which will stand to their business for decades to come.