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GDPR, ePrivacy Regulations and B2B Marketing

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The GDPR was designed to protect data and privacy in Europe a full copy of the legislation is rarely seen you can view a Full Copy Of The GDPR , prior to that in Ireland the ePrivacy Regulations (S.I. 336/2011) also apply and still do apply and are not replaced by the GDPR yet they are added as another layer of privacy protection.

The rules when marketing business 2 business are far less restrictive than marketing to consumers. In saying that we recommend a soft opt in strategy to not only comply with regulations but to further validate the correct details of business user.

The GDPR is not a designed to stop your business growing. Businesses can still Direct Market to Businesses under the legitimate interest clause and adhering to ePrivacy regulations.

Gaining new customers is a commercial interest (intending to sell a product or service) and is considered a valid legitimate interest under the GDPR.

When sending mail shots you must allow a business opt out for free, you must also inform that business where you got their contact details from which website, which social network which association in which their information was published. Again a soft opt in approach is also added to insure the highest quality of data and qualification of Business users.

Breach of the GDPR carries a fine of up to 2% of a company's turn over. So its important to follow the rules.

As an agency we can advise you on our interpretation and option on the GDPR it is however illegal for us to give you legal advise under Irish law so we always advise you get independent legal advise from a qualified practitioner.

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