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How to Speed Up a Website

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Loading time and your website being fast is a very important factor, not only from a user experience but also it correlates directly with your search engine ranking. The Google algorithm constantly evolves to offer its searchers (customers) the best experience so it presents the faster web sites over slower ones. Bing and Yahoo typically also follow suit lets not forget they account for 30% of search traffic too globally.

This post will guide you using 3 simple steps to test, improve and fix any issues slowing down your site. If after these steps you still want to push speed to the next level we also suggest some more extreme measures available.

Step 1 How fast is your website anyway? A tool we often use to test speed issues and compare one site against another or a competitor is GTmetrix a free tool which will do an audit on your site and let you know whats slowing it down and grade your sites current speed before you make any changes to improve it.

Step 2 Get your site behind Cloudflare its free for one site (domain) . Not only does it stop you being hacked but it allows you to enforce SSL and offers ISP proximity basicly using the quickest route to connect to your website while caching and greatly improving speed. *Changing your Name Servers is easy for cloud flare it will suggest all the right dns settings and even your email mx settings, do be aware to click SSL or https everywhere to avoid any errors on your https, you will have to dig into the cloud flare settings to find the https everywhere button.

Step 3

GTmetrix will probably report your images being too big as part of the effort to get your website faster, is a free tool which will allow you shrink the size of your images without messing up the quality which will greatly improve load times of your pages.

Following the above tips our next point of investigation is making sure your with a fast webhost a local provider can be best one that does'nt over load their shared hosting servers. Also investigate wordpress plugins such as wp rocket and finally take out as many external javascripts or remote apps if you don't need them on your index page.

As always the brave media team are happy to help just reach out.

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