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Facebook get results again in 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

2019 was a hard year for Facebook and also anyone using Facebook for business. If you are a small business who uses Facebook as a main platform for customer acquisition you will know what I am talking about it feels as its gone stale with greatly reduced results and limits.

Facebook however is still a gold mine. But under mounting political pressure on censorship another large hack of data in 2019 and Facebook trying to sustain solid earning reports to keep their share price up they are constantly making big changes. Keeping up with Facebook Changes is a weekly activity at this point.

So What are the Changes in 2020 with Facebook? If you are a big advertiser you will be pushed and pushed by your account manager to spend more money to be allowed boost above limits which may be set on your account. News, Politics or anything related to these topics they want huge spends in the region of 20,000 euro a month. They need to milk businesses who can afford it for all their marketing budgets and that's a number one priority it seems. Even if it means loosing a couple of thousand they are already spending.

Organic Shares to Facebook Groups

Accounts sharing constantly to facebook groups are being hit with edgerank basically your posts are reaching less and less viewers in their timelines. Limits will be applied to your main accounts with bans that keep getting longer. Fake Accounts are being manually reviewed to assure they are real. If you have a fake account as your Company Page Admin you need to assure you have backup Admin pages.

So whats going to work in 2020?

things you can do.

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