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Tracking Google Ranks

Updated: Jul 15

Tracking Google Ranks and organic search ranks is pretty easy to do.

Our next article will be on solar panels so watch out. We recommend Serprobot which will update every 24 hours to let you know what position your keywords are in. It's a free product but buying extra bots for 5euro a month can make the service so much quicker. You add the keywords you want to track.

You will notice two search volumes on the above image the smaller one is Irish monthly search traffic for the keyword the other is US traffic which we ignore. This helps you understand all keywords are not the same some carry much more monthly search volume. To really get this working well you should get an export of your domain profile from semrush and all your keywords being ranked by google imported and focus on they keywords based on traffic volume and the likely conversion rate some words are more buyer words over others.

Below is a big customer import we done of 400 keywords 40 to 50 or so of these words will carry traffic over 1000 search's and will be buyer keywords, some with up to 10,000 search's a month. Being this strategic we can obtain big results quickly.

This is the intelligence that can triple a company's turn over by focusing on the right keywords on google. If you need a full profile of your keywords ranked on google from semrush just drop us a mail and we will supply you with the list for free.

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